Akéya was conceived as a result of our Love for fashion accessories & styling. As young designers we wanted to create something superlative, unlike to the jewelry we have worn & seen. Started in May 2019 Akéya is a luxury fashion jewelry house set up in Mumbai.
Akéya is a reflection of traditional handcrafted glass beaded jewelry infused with contemporary fashion trends.
Keeping alive the authentic handcrafted glass bead work yet giving it a modern touch using pop colors and sassy shapes we thrive to create pieces a la mode.
All our pieces are fully handmade by skilled kaarigars maintaining high quality standards.
Beading and embroidery techniques are key design features for our products. Distinct designs and exquisite craftsmanship- Akéya will definitely make you stand out!
We would love you to be a part or our fashion journey!

- Kajal & Yashvi